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Päls & Dun

Woolrich policy kring dun och fjädrar

Dun och fjädrar som används som stoppning är biprodukter från matindustrin och Woolrich garanterar att inget dun eller fjädrar kommer från plockning av levande djur eller liknande. Vi anser att plockning av dun eller fjädrar från levande djur är vedervärdigt och omänskligt och kommer aldrig vara en del i att stödja denna verksamhet.

Woolrich policy kring päls

Woolrich använder päls och skin från djur i vissa av sina produkter, men alla produkter från företaget lever upp till de starkaste djurskyddsreglerna – Washington Convention och EC Regulation N. 1523/2007. Genom dedikation till dessa regler för varje plagg som innehåller päls eller skin, kan Woolrich garantera att man efterlever de högt satta kraven för dessa djurskyddsregler och att man alltid kommer utföra arbetet på det mest etiska och lagliga sätt. Därutöver märks alla Woolrich-plagg med päls med vilket djur som har använts och dess ursprung.



Se nedan för en komplett redogöresle för Woolrich päls och dun policy.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros fur and ethical policy

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. utilizes animal components in its products, but the company operates in compliance to the most important regulations in force for animal protection: the Washington Convention and the EC Regulation No. 1523/2007. Through complete allegiance and certification, applied to each shipment containing animal furs or skins, Woolrich John Rich & Bros warrants compliance with these standards and declares to do its work in the most ethical and legal way. In addition, in all garments with fur components it is declared in care label which animal was used and its origin.


The Washington Convention is one of the most important international instruments to make sustainable trade by ensuring the conservation of biodiversity of our planet. Through this regulatory instrument, the priority task for each state is to monitor and properly regulate the domestic and international trade of specimens and products derived from animal and plant species to avert extinction.
The Council Regulation (EC ) No . 1523/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2007 prohibits the sale, import and export in the European Union outside the European Community of cat and dog fur and any products containing them.


From Aw14 collection most part of Raccoon and Coyote fur will be coming from Woolrich John Rich & Bros direct selection and buying. This allow to reach and control the complete information on the fur we are applying to our garments.


Most of the raccoon fur used by Woolrich John Rich & Bros are Finn Raccoon. All the Finland furs used by Woolrich John Rich & Bros are Origin Assured Farmed Furs (OA™). The OA dedicate label that each garment carries provides consumers an assurance that the fur carrying the label comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force. The supply chain can be traced. The Approved Retailers and Manufacturers program encourages members to join the independent monitoring program provided by Cotecna, an international monitoring organization, to ensure the policies of the OA™ are adhered to. The OA™ label is a demonstration of the fur trade’s commitment to transparency and good welfare practice. In a 2011 consumer survey in 10 countries, nearly 1 in 3 of the public said they would buy a fur garment if it carried an OA™ label – up from 19% in 2007.

The auctions where fur is bought are all conducted from the very well recognized and certificated Saga furs auction House. Saga Furs Oyj encourages its suppliers to commit to the certification system. Saga Furs® brand now offers Finnraccoon collections coming exclusively from certified farms. Only certified Finnraccoon skins are allowed to use the Saga Furs® brand.

Below some more information about what Saga Fur is supporting to always improve standards.

Farm Certification
Saga Furs Oyj supports the Farm Certification project established by The Finnish Fur Breeders’

Association (STKL) in 2005. Farm Certification requires documentation and continuous development of breeding standards above those contained in European legislation. At the end of 2013, almost 90% of the nearly 1000 fur farms in Finland are certified; meaning more than 95 per cent of Finnish production comes from certified farms. In order to adjust the system to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards step by step, STKL cooperates with an external auditing company, Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy (Inspecta Certification Co. Ltd.).
Certification Criteria

Certification criteria address seven main areas that include all activities on fur farms:

1. Well-being and health of the animals
2. Breeding conditions
3. Feed maintenance
4. Breeding
5. Environmental management
6. Farm hygiene
7. Training and preparing for abnormal conditions
To become certified, a farm must meet 32 requirements to be examined and approved by a trained
Auditor. A farmer may be given a deadline period to amend any requirements not met and a second
Audit will be made.


All the coyote fur used in the Woolrich John Rich & Bros collection comes from Canada, and they all follow the strict Canada regulations. Canada is a county with several and severe regulations about fur haunting/ trapping. Coyote can be both trapped (only with traps allowed from Canada Governor, which means animals do not suffer and die immediately once trapped, or they can be hunted.


Coyote and Finn Raccoon fur that Woolrich John Rich & Bros applied to the garments in the Fall/winter 14 collection are for the majority manufactured in Italy. This allow Woolrich John Rich & Bros to control directly work conditions and ethical issues, security of products and quality of the furs. We are proud to say that Woolrich John Rich & Bros works with most skilled Fur Manufactures in Italy, artisans of long family experience.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros also comply all the most important international regulations related to the presence of chemical substances on fabrics and monitors through qualitative tests that the parameters are met. Woolrich John Rich & Bros always cares about security of product, talking for example about formaldehyde or Ph or other substances that can be on furs, working in Europe and with high level of attention of new partners besides laws in force, we will be able to reach higher results and be able to state a voluntary stricter standard.


Down and feather used for insulations are by-product from the food industry and Woolrich John Rich & Bros assures no down or fathers comes from live plucking or harvesting practice. Our suppliers of down have a longstanding Corporate Policy on NEVER purchasing any duck or goose down or feather

materials that have been harvested by live-plucking. We believe live-plucking is cruel and inhumane and we would never be party to or support this method of harvesting feathers and down.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros offers most of the main models (parkas) with faux fur and produce many garments already with primaloft insulations, with no animal component.