Woolrich John Rich & Bros

The outdoor brand Woolrich has always been associated with comfortable, durable clothes of the highest quality. A true American classic, which has existed for over 180 years and is renowned for its signature model, Arctic Parka. 

Woolrich began operations in 1830 in Pennsylvania, United States, the brand is based on the local interest in wool and America’s genuine sewing knowledge. Woolrich embrace their heritage, producing classic products without taking away their unique charm.

Rich family, founders of Woolrich came to the U.S. to live the American dream in the early 1800's. John Rich II, son of English wool - carded emigrated from Liverpool in search of happiness and a better future in the new country of America. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded a company that today has survived half a century of history in influencing the world on how they should dress. 

Its aim was to provide the pioneers in the country with clothing, mainly to forestry workers and farmers who lived in nature under extreme climatic conditions. Through knowledge of the transformation of wool came orders from the army which led to help with the development of Woolrich products. The best known example is the "Arctic Parka" which was developed to survive the harshest climate conditions and would be worn by the workers who participated in the construction of the great Alaska pipeline in the early 70's. 

In the 90's the Italian firm WP Lavori in agreement with the U.S. Woolrich, a license that gave them the right to use Woolrich as a mark of their Italian fit. WP created the brand Woolrich John Rich & Bros., focusing on the European market. What made the licence possible was that WP Lavori embraced Woolrich’s authentic design with influences on labour, military and outdoor use. This is the collection that we have in our Stockholm store. 

For more information about Woolrich John Rich & Bros, visit their Italian website. 



Woolrich Man SS14 

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Woolrich Man SS13

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