FAQ on Woolrichstore.se

Question: How do I know what size I should order in Woolrich clothes?


• The best answer to this question is: Have a look in your closet. What size do you from the same brand or similar clothes already?

• Remember that Woolrich has Italian sizes and they are generally small in size.

• Most items in our store are measured by us and the measure is on the product page. To get the correct size, compare it with your favorite piece at home, or measure yourself and then compare with our measurment guide.

• If the garment against all odds would not fit, you can switch to another size, color or model within 14 days.

Question: What price are your articles?


• To ensure that the correct currency and price is displayed, select your delivery country on the home page or at the checkout page. Our items are priced in Swedish kronor and euro. Those who live in Sweden can only order in Swedish kronor and customers from Scandinavia can only pay in Euro. This is because you, the customer must choose which country you want the product delivered to.


Question: My purchase does not go through


• This may be due to several things and is not necessarily because there are insufficient funds on your credit card. We use the highest security available for our Internet transactions and all of our payments go through DIBS, who are the leading provider of Internet transactions in Scandinavia. We also use 3D Secure on all our payments and this means that you must have this payment method connected to your card.

Question: My invoice does not go through:


• The invoice must be your complete personal number (10 digits), zip code where you are domiciled and valid e-mail stated. Your credit information retrieved from Gothia Financial database of past annual income and is therefore beyond our control. We cannot manually “force”  denied invoice through our system and questions about this payment please contact  Gothia.


Question:  Shipping charges?


• No, your order is delivered free of charge in Sweden by express courier with DHL or UPS. We have no minimum order limit. We send all packages by courier, which means that delivery is made in 1-2 working days.

• When ordering in Scandinavia, the shipping cost is 19 euro no matter how many items you order.

• If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it or switch to another size.

• If the garment would not fit, you can of course return it and get your money back. Provided that you do so within 14 days and please note that we are unable to pay any shipping charges back to us.

Question: What fees may apply when ordering?

Answer: The fees that may apply are:

• Administration fee 29kr, when paying via invoice.

• Return bill, fee SEK 150 (optional only in Sweden)

• These are fees that we transfer from our partners. If you wish to avoid these charges, we recommend you to choose any of the payment methods that are free or send your return with any you might chose.

Question: What is Woolrichstore.se minimum when ordering?


• We have no limit to this and will send all orders regardless of value free, within Sweden.

Question: The item is out of stock, can I order it anyway?


• We stock all items shown in stock and can always guarantee fast delivery.

• Unfortunately, the products that are completely out of stock is not possible to add to your cart. Since we only work with seasonal items, we usually cannot order home goods, but please send us an email with your request if you have any color or size you wish to order.


Question: How soon will I receive my order?


• When ordering during weekdays before 13.30 inside Stockholm, your item will be delivered the same day with Ryska Posten.

• All orders received weekdays before 16:00 pm will receive same day with express shipping.

• All shipments are sent DHL or UPS, both domestic and international.

• Delivery time varies between 1-2 business days.

• If you want a tracking number for your shipment, please send us an email with your order number and we'll send it immediately.


Question: I want to change or return my product, how?


• Send an email to support@woolrichstore.se so that we know that you want to exchange / return.

• Pack the product well in the same packaging as you received the product, or use your own packaging. Importantly, the product must be in same condition as when you receive it. Wrinkled, dirty returns may be rejected and can be returned to you a customer.

• Remember that the product must be in new condition with all tags remaining.